Open Education and Learning


One thing the readings this week made clear about Open Education was that we can have all the openness imaginable, but without knowing how to navigate and use these sources and tools, there really is no education.  If you give someone a car, it does not help them get to where they want to go unless we teach them how to drive.

I am viewing Open Education through the lens of a librarian.  I believe my professional colleagues find it their responsibility to connect and educate people about information.  Librarians have always advocated for access to information as well as promoted the skills to evaluate and use information.  Therefore, as discussed this week and stated by Franklin D. Roosevelt, libraries are essential to democracy.

However, what struck me this week was the idea of authority.  Jeffrey Pomerantz discusses how in this age of information overload, we must all take on an authority role when it comes to the evaluation of information.  The new Association of College and Academic Libraries Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education discusses how “authority is constructed and contextual” and an expert user of information is one that has become an expert in the critical evaluation of sources.  Learning will not occur through open education without this level of authority as a critical consumer of information.  I believe this is something librarians instinctively understand and why we need to make sure we continue to be involved in the Open Education movement.

What I Want to Learn: #OpenLearning18



”Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn.”

– Ben Franklin

I am excited to be involved with #OpenLearning18 because it offers the experience of sharing ideas with likeminded individuals who are interested in improving learning. What I want to know is how others are incorporating both the concept of open learning, as well as the tools of open learning, into their work.  I want to know how others think open learning will (or could) impact education at all levels.

What I hope to contribute to #OpenLearning18 is a willingness to share, participate and ask questions (sorry, I am a novice!)  I hope to encourage, and to be encouraged, to find new ways of applying the concept of open learning to improve my teaching and promote sharing among colleagues.  I am looking forward to this experience with all of you!


My First Blog Post Ever


Welcome to A Life of Learning and my first ever blog post! I am starting this blog because I am preparing to participate in #OpenLearing18 and thus I am trying to be more…open. Being a private person, there is a big part of me that would prefer to simply stay off the grid, and up until recently, I have tried. (Just ask my friends who have finally stopped hounding me to use Facebook!) However, my second career of being a research and user experience librarian has brought me to more fully understand that learning occurs everywhere–through experiences, people and across all sorts of media formats. I am excited to enter into this new experience with #OpenLearing18 in order to learn about new ideas, new ways of learning, as well as new ways to become more open myself by participating with open technologies. And the journey begins…